These are some of our Popular Festivals and Festivities

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Holy Week

Declared of International Tourism Interest

May, Weekend around the 2nd

Saint Segundo

The City is full of Events remembering its Holly Patron

June, on Weekends

Saturdays of Legend

Citizens of Ávila representing legends about the city in places where they happened.  

June, Last Weekend

Appetizers in Ávila

 Avila’s appetizers  Awards . We choose the best ones of them.

Middle of July

Walls and Nichts

Folk. music, tangos, soul, funky or líric music are played on  historical sites


Middle of August

Jazz under candlelight

Hundreds of candles illuminating a monumental scene alomg with the best jazz of the moment

September Second Weekend

Medieval Week

The Medieval Market is a surprising and evocative reallity in the  City of Avila

October, around  the 15th

Saint Teresa

The religious faith floods the streets in honor of Teresa de Cepeda and Ahumada





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